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Mantengamos el proceso vivo

A veces (manual de php en linea es el mejor ejemplo), los comentarios de los usuarios ayudan mas que la documentacion en si misma. Aqui buscamos lo mismo. Hay dos lugares donde te invitamos a comentar.

  • La pagina de MediaWiki (solapa de discusion) donde los usuarios de AA pueden hacer preguntas y obtener respuestas casi de la misma manera que en las listas de discusion.
  • Si tu piensas que tu sugerencia esta relacionada directamente a una seccion o parrafo en la documentacion, y seria util para mas gente que lee esa seccion (incluso en la version impresa) en la documentacion, por favor agrega una nota, como en el ejemplo siguiente:
--Marek 26 July 2005 12:50 (CEST)
Para agregar una contribucion, o agregar algo a una contribucion de otra persona, simplemente el texto en el lugar correcto, y encierralo en:
<div id="usernotes"><div class="note"><strong>--~~~~</strong><div class="text">
... aqui va el texto. Puedes usar html y la sintaxis de wiki como siempre...
--Marek 26 July 2005 12:56 (CEST)

Tu no necesitas escribir cosas como <div... manualmnte. Hay un boton en MediaWiki, que se ve asi (arreglar...) Archivo:Cb button.png. Escribe tu texto, sombrealo, haz clic en el boton y listo! :-)

Puedes corregir!

Cualquier pagina bajo /documentacion puede ser modificada por cualquiera de nosotros. Si ves algun error ortografico, o hay algo que tu puedes expresar de otra manera, ves algun vandalismo que puede ser resuelto volviendo a una version anterior, o quieres aregar un comentario, por favor hazlo. Si, tienes que estas identificado, tan sencillo como crear tu cuenta. Si olvidas tu contraseña, crea otra cuenta. Nomás usa algo parecido a tu nombre, de manera que todos sepamos quien eres.

Editorial guidelines


~ToDo: Write general guidelines for writers
--Marek 26 September 2005 18:45 (CEST)
If you are converting an existing text from HTML format to Wiki, David keeps a working installation of the HTML to Wiki perl module. Saves a lot of teadious work.
--Marek 22 July 2005 18:25 (CEST)
TIP: If you are using Firefox, you can install a free SpellChecker toolbar called SpellBound. It helps a lot.

Creating and uploading images

  • To create a new drawing, please use some vector format so that the image can be easily updated later if necessary. The default support for vector graphics in browsers is limited, so what we do is we publish upload the bitmap image, and somewhere alongside it the vector graphics as well. The following example uses .png for bitmap and SVG for a vector. The SVG/XML is included at the bottom of the image summary page.
  • To add an image (converted drawing, screenshot, a picture of a happy ActionApps user), simply use the Embeded Image button Embeded Image button, change the name of the file (make sure it has a correct extension), save the page, click on the link generated and upload the image following the provided simple file upload form. If you need more help, read the comprehensive Help:Images and other uploaded files.
--Marek 27 July 2005 15:31 (CEST)
There is a great open source editor for vector graphics which I use for all the images. It's called Inkscape and it's fun to work with.
--Marek 10 October 2005 19:19 (CEST)
For adding video sequences that quide people through the UI, you can use a software called Wink


If you for whatever reason can't finish certain sectios, put in this:

~ToDo: <What needs to be done>

Don't forget the leading space. It's easy for anybody to search for all ~ToDo, and even in the compact list of search results it's clear what else needs to be written, so you can pick your favourite topic straigt away and a have a good time writing about it :-) .

Hooks for ActionApps interface

If you are writing about something that you think should be linked from the ActionApps interface, mark it with

~Hook: Breadcrumbs -> in the -> AA navigation

Again, don't forget the leading space.


Estamos intentando mantener una lista de terminos que se usan frecuentemente (basicamente especificos a aa). Por favor familiarizate con lo que hay alli y

  • Continua ligandolos a medida que escribas.
  • Agrega nuevos terminos si sientes que falta algo importante.

Para ligar un termino dentro del texto pon (Campo como ejemplo):

[[Term#Campo |Campo]]

Related articles

By moving the documentation from AA to wiki we have lost an easy way to add related documents (the "See also:" ones). Please try to keep doing them manually.

New chapters

~ToDo: Write guidelines for creating new chapters.    

Syntax help, tips and recommendations

Wiki syntax help, Help:Images and other uploaded files. Guide for Editors

Contribuyendo al sitio de demostracion

We use live examples, indicated in the text by Archivo:Demo.jpg icon. There is a AA demo install (/demo), which is being refreshed every night with the content of the main install (/apc-aa) database, except for the permissions (tables user and perms). The purpose of this model is so that people can go in as admins and play around with stuff, but the garbage and all the damage done to it is removed overnight and the fresh new demo is born again. So, if you need to create an example, do it in the master install, and it will be copied over. If you need access to the main install, contact me (marek at ecn dot cz) developers. Also, make sure you add an entry about the demo to the List of Live Demos page.

I tend to create a special account for each excercise, so that the user works only with the slice or two that is being used in the example and is not bothered by the (unrelated) rest. I add the username and password to the url pointing to the demo, i.e. :


Note: This login form patch had to be applied to make it work on the demo site.

Traduciendo esta documentacion a otras lenguas

At the moment we have one MediaWiki install for English and one MediaWiki installation for Spanish. We propose to use MediaWiki Interlanguage Linkingto interlink those two. It works like this:

When there is a page in spanish (let's say "Portada") that should be linked to a corresponding english page (say "Main Page") and vice versa, the editor should put a wiki link like this:

[[en:Main Page]] towards the bottom of the spanish page, and [[en:Portada]] towards the bottom of the english page

The link won't display, instead it will trigger a box on the left column saying Other languages/Otros Idiomas listing all the languages that are available for that page. Visit Main Page to see it in action.